Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This Thursday at Big Chill House... listen to the sounds of Kalakuta on myspace-- http://www.myspace.com/kalakutaoriginal and tell me you don't wanna see em live...

Serocee with World Cup anthem

England are a footballing disgrace. Time to switch allegiance to Ghana... At least they could beat the Septics-- I guess had 'our boys' not been so woefully lacking in skill or passion then Serocee's Vuvuzela hyping anthem might have picked up a bit more love this summer, still, whatever it's still a total banger, high speed hot weather soca, pure carnival vibes--

here's ya download--- SEROCEE - SOUND DI VUVZELA 320 MP3

Serocee & Rukaiya - Sound di Vuvuzela by Serocee

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Kode 9/ Martyn freebie

Kode 9's just bought out a mix for DJ Kicks, which, word on the street has it, is a blinder. I managed to sneak a listen to a bit and it seems he's trying to offer up a portrait of where the London dubstep/ funky/ house/ future garage scene is right now. Personally I don't like the name future garage- I don't know when 2 step sounded like anything other than future music.. As a term 'future garage' kinda falls into the same dreary bucket as 'intelligent jungle', and points towards the reappropriation of a fine raw street genre by people who would rather pontificate about music than dance to it.
Still, can't blame Kode 9 for that... the mix he's offering up is a heavy blend of tracks aimed at the floor and the head, stylistically bigger than any flash-in-the-pan labels it might be conveneint to label em with, and a good throbbing snapshot of the capital. He's put about this Martyn remix of his track 'You Don't Wash' as a promo teaser for the album, and it's an interesting piece of techno funky, dark, long and tribal. Me I guess I'd call it house music, but you candecide for yourself--

Kode 9 - You Don't Wash (Martyn mix)

Sweep Dem Gally To The SIDE

I've been a bit late on this one-- Essex MC Dream, who's now goin by the name Sweep Dem Gally-- has absolutely murked it on Lil Silva's Different beat (last seen propping up Blackberry Hype---)
Check out the live footage at the end of the video, total chaos !

He proper attacks the mic eh... Anyway, I'm indebted to Dream for sending me over a download of the track, and it's yours to take and love, along with the follow up, Sweep Da Whole City--

Sweep Dem Gally

Sweep Da Whole City

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


KMD are back with a track that kicks off with what sounds suspiciously like the Easy Jet to Napa soaring aloft--- followed by a bunch of airhorns, some pissed off (up?) bees providing the requisite aggy synths, a load of stabby snares and cowbells and some heavy bass drops. Bonus, it sounds fucking great,
Maxwell D's dropped a strong vocal on it, but I'm still feeling the instrumental--

KMD - Boarding Pass

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


No lie, for putting together this heavy heavy riddim Esco Da Shocker deserves a knighthood and a free flight to the moon and a thugged out iPad made of ermine trimmed mink. It’s pretty simple as a concept—take the instrumental from Luniz’s evergreen Thug n’ B smash ‘I Got 5 On It’ let it play as standard for 20 seconds then BLOOAAAAWW ratchet it up to hyper dancehall levels with huge trance stabs and crazy stuttering hits. Lexxus plays along, singing the Wine Pon Me hook to the 5 On It melody before dropping into his midnight deep baritone on the verses.
Download after the jump---

Mr. Lex - Wine Pon Me